Why I like Dayton

10.25.2013 | Culture and Society

I've seemed to explore the city more this year than I have any other year of college..perhaps because it is my last one. But here are some reasons why Dayton, Ohio is a good place to be.

• Five Rivers Metroparks system: The parks in Dayton are awesome. You can walk along by the river downtown, or you can go for a walk in the woods at places like Cox Arboretum...either way, there are some really nice places that you can get away to and be in nature.

• Riverscape: This is a place downtown right by the river where you can walk around. But there's also a really large pavilion structure that has ice skating in the winter, and things like salsa dancing in the summer. (For free!)

• Oregon District: This is a little artsy part of town that has some cute little restaurants, book shops, art galleries, etc. In the evenings there are generally bands playing on the sidewalks, and people milling around through the bars and shops.

• First Friday's: The first Friday of every month, vendors are out on the street selling food, jewelry, etc, and many art galleries and stores are open.

• 2nd Street Market: Every Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, local vendors sell fresh produce, pastries, bread, etc.

If you don't go downtown often, I suggest you go there just to explore—that's when I've had the most fun and found the reasons why I really like this little city!


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