Wishful thinking

12.05.2011Let’s pretend that we don’t have finals or school or anything. Let’s pretend that I have time to watch Charlie Brown Christmas and sit on the couch and sleep! Let’s pretend that all my art projects are done, printed out, cut, hung up, and graded. Let’s pretend that it’s Christmas break and that I can sleep til 10:30 every morning and make pancakes and bacon for breakfast! Let’s pretend that all the water outside freezes on the ground and the world becomes a huge ice skating rink, and that school is canceled tomorrow. Let’s pretend that I don’t have to get up in the morning to go to class, and instead can sleep under my wonderful blankets with my teddy bear and a cup of coffee next to me. Why do I have to go to school? Why do I have to keep working on all these projects? I’ve been working since 10 in the morning, and I am tired. That’s like, 12 hours of work today. I think I’m going a bit crazy, hence a very disjointed blog. All my friends have been working their butts off too, and we’re all turning into robots. But let’s pretend that we’re not. For the next 10 minutes, I’m pretending that I don’t have to do work, that finals don’t exist, and that the world is fine and dandy. Here we go.