About Kiersten

Nickname: K.Mo (to my best friends back home), K, Kiers

Class Year: Junior

Major(s): Electronic Media & French

Location on Campus: Garden Apartments

Hometown: Greenwood, IN

E-mail Address: kiersten@udayton.edu

A Few of My Favorite Things: Colts games, road trips, live music, the beach, best friends, laughing, the sound of rain, the smell of coffee, bonfires, art, quotes, sunsets, UD

Extracurricular Activities: Studio theater, Flyer TV, soccer, Red Scare, Sound Crew, Phi Beta Chi, Concert Committee

Interests and Hobbies: Going to concerts, painting/sketching, playing soccer, watching NFL football, reading/writing

Why UD?: Originally UD was my second choice, but after my overnight visit I realized everything about it was right for me. The atmosphere is so incredibly welcoming that I felt like a student from the moment I stepped on campus. The people are amazing and the opportunities are endless. I love that fact that most of the students live on campus - it feels like a close-knit small town with the opportunities and energy of a city.

Favorite Spot on Campus: The Black Box Theater in M/T, the RecPlex, and Humanities Plaza on a sunny day

Favorite Place to Go in Dayton: Second Time Around on Brown Street, The Greene

Favorite Place to Study: 5th or 6th floor of Roesch Library

Favorite Thing to Do When You're Not Studying: Hang out with friends, watch DVDs, sketch in KU field, go to Brown Street, any other random fun my friends and I can cook up