Goodbye to My Last First-Week

My Life: Kiersten


Well, everyone, I have successfully survived my final syllabus week (aka last first- week of the semester). And I was surprisingly tired by the time 5... More

All Aboard the Sale-ing Ship

My Life: Kiersten


Yesterday Kat, Emily, JG, and I won a battle against inflated clothing prices. After deciding to go The Greene (outdoor mall) in search of a few selec... More

Chinese, Fairytales, and Roses

My Life: Kiersten


I?m back in Dayton! It feels good, too. I mean, of course I miss home, but it?s good to be back getting ready for my last semester as a college studen... More

New Year, New Beginnings

My Life: Kiersten


Welcome to 2012 everyone! I?ve been taking a few days to adjust to the ?2? at the end of the date and to organize my thoughts on this upcoming year. W... More

Cabin Fever

My Life: Kiersten


Winter and cabins just go together. They just do. And what?s great for me is that Noah?s family just bought a cabin down by Lake Patoka in southern In... More

Stepping Up in Wedding Shoes

My Life: Kiersten


Today I spent the whole day with my best friend Renee. It?s really great to spend so much time with my friends from home when I?m here since I don?t g... More

Holiday Hoopla

My Life: Kiersten


I hope everyone is having a fantastic holiday season! I know I am. It?s been weird being home for so long, but nice too. I?ve been spending lots of ti... More

Taking a Holiday Chill Pill

My Life: Kiersten


I am finally trying this whole ?relaxing? sensation that is sweeping the nation. It?s actually really difficult for me because I feel like I should al... More

Down on Skid Row

My Life: Kiersten


Ever seen a giant flytrap eat a person? How about four people?on stage?! Did I mention there?s singing? Okay, enough mystery. I?m talking about ?Littl... More

Operation: No Procrastination

My Life: Kiersten


Exams are looming. Papers need to be written. Presentations must be presented. Notebooks, folders, essays, books. It?s all piling up. If all of the th... More

Piano Music IS Cool.

My Life: Kiersten


The end. Okay, I lied. That?s the beginning. As you all know by now, I?m kind of a music addict. And lately I?ve been getting really into instrumental... More