Friday Night Battle

My Life: Kiersten


The Battle has been fought. And a victor has emerged. Her name--Kelly Fine. Her troops--the All-Man Band. Indeed, a battle was fought and won Friday ... More

Sibs Weekend :)

My Life: Kiersten


"Where has the time gone? Away, that's where. This weekend snuck up on me so fast! I can't believe it has been over a week since I last updated. I apo... More

Spring Has Sprung!

My Life: Kiersten


"You know it's spring at UD when you walk by Humanities Plaza and people are actually sitting outside, basking in the sunshine with their Tangents ope... More

An Ode to My Vera

My Life: Kiersten


"Today I had to buy a new Vera. For those of you who have not yet entered the realm of the Veras, I will explain. Vera Bradley is a designer of purses... More

Dorothy Was SO Correct...

My Life: Kiersten


"There really is no place like home. So far Operation: Spring Break Relaxation is going quite swimmingly, without any actual swimming unfortunately. B... More

This is Urinetown...Wait, What?

My Life: Kiersten


"Saturday night my roommates and I experienced Dayton theatre at the Playhouse, just a short 15-minute drive from campus. We went mostly to see UD-alu... More

Steak, Shopping, Shows, and Singles Awareness Day

My Life: Kiersten


"Happy day after Singles Awareness Day everyone! Mother Nature gave us a present to celebrate--a lot more snow. Yay. And once again, the university cl... More

Walkin' in a Winter Wonderland

My Life: Kiersten


Today was a day to be remembered--it was the first snow day of the year! Well, technically it was a snow day because the university closed after 1:30 ... More

Ben...Rips? Tears? Crumples? No!...Ben Folds!

My Life: Kiersten


Since August, a little committee of students I'm a part of called Charity Concert Committee has been working to bring a national act to the University... More

Going to the 'Ship

My Life: Kiersten


Another exciting event...the AFC Championship game was on Sunday and my hometown team (Indianapolis Colts) won! Super Bowl here we come! One of the do... More

TNL: better than SNL?

My Life: Kiersten


After a sizable absence (sorry about that) I'm back! Saturday night I went to the Thursday Night Live CD release party at ArtStreet. Allow me to expl... More

'City,' Cinci, Globes, and Gremlins

My Life: Kiersten


"One of the drawbacks of college is that you sometimes have to move away from your best friends. But, wait! One of the best perks about college is tha... More

Buzzing Just Like Neon, Neon

My Life: Kiersten


I cannot claim ownership of that title; it's from a John Mayer song. But, it does fit the topic of this blog, so I figured he wouldn't mind if I borro... More

Flyer B-Ball Fever

My Life: Kiersten


There is no feeling like being at a Flyer basketball game, especially if the game is as intense as the one this past Saturday. My roommates and I file... More

The Girls are Back in Town

My Life: Kiersten


"I'm back in Dayton! Well, to be technical, I've been back for approximately 24 hours. But, now that I've made it through my first three classes of th... More