Sniffle While We Work

My Life: Kiersten


"This past weekend was Halloween! Well, for most people it was. For me, and for the rest of the cast of The Lark, it was closing weekend. We had our f... More

Parlez-vous franҫais?

My Life: Kiersten


"Today has just been an explosion of French happenings. I'm having a hard time thinking in English at the moment, actually. I had a French test, you s... More

Ready, Set, Action

My Life: Kiersten


"As my bio says, I'm an Electronic Media major. Since this is the case, I get incredibly excited when the opportunity to use equipment and do projects... More

Pancakes Put a Spell on Me

My Life: Kiersten


"First of all, sorry I've been MIA for so long. As I've said before, these past few weeks have been crazy. I've got a few things to update everyone on... More

Balancing Act

My Life: Kiersten


Let me just tell you this week has already been intense and it's only Wednesday. It's tech week for the play I'm in, which is super insane. For those ... More

Second in Name, First in Fun

My Life: Kiersten


"Yesterday was the first Saturday in over a month that I've had no obligations, and I fully enjoyed that time, let me tell you. Here's a basic rundown... More

Have You Seen This...Umbrella?

My Life: Kiersten


It's been raining off and on for the past four days. Thus is the beauty of the Midwest, of which I was fully aware when I decided to come to Dayton. T... More

Surprise Visitors!

My Life: Kiersten


"So I was leaving my Interviewing class yesterday at approximately 11:53 a.m. when I got a phone call from my best friend, Shae. You might say, well t... More

Beautiful Bloomington

My Life: Kiersten


"Today was one of those days, the good kind that makes you smile and forget about the stress of everyday life and appreciate the time you have with th... More

Dorothy was Right...

My Life: Kiersten


"...there really is ""no place like home."" School breaks seem to come at exactly the right time for me. Like now, for example. I got home yesterday a... More

'Second Time's' a Charm

My Life: Kiersten


"Today, I accomplished what was thought to be impossible. I found the movie ""White Oleander."" I have been actively searching for this movie for over... More

Praiseworthy Sunday

My Life: Kiersten


Although today was a long and tiring day, I have to say it was lovely. The beginning, in particular, was splendid. Then again, my days always are just... More

Nine for Beethoven's Ninth

My Life: Kiersten


"We've all heard Beethoven's ninth symphony. It's the ""Ode de Joy"" one. But, have we all seen it performed by a live orchestra? Nope. I hadn't until... More

Going...Going...Gone Greek!

My Life: Kiersten


"I went to my first Phi Beta Chi event of the year on Wednesday! Phi Beta Chi is my fraternity, by the way. And, yes, I do mean fraternity. And, yes, ... More

Oh, the Places You'll Go

My Life: Kiersten


By the time I'm finished writing this, it probably won't be September anymore. That is so crazy to me. Time moves so strangely here; I feel as though ... More