'Tumble' is a Dryer Setting...Not Advice

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I woke up yesterday morning fully intent on going to Psychology 101 at 10 a.m. If that had happened as planned, I probably wouldn't have sustained the... More

Family Weekend Recap

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"Family weekend is over and yet another school week has begun. Here's a quick recap of this weekend's festivities: --My two best friends from home, Sh... More

Visitors from Home!

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Last night was opening night and it went so well! I was a little nervous, but after doing the pre-show warm-up ritual I was super psyched to get on st... More

Trees, Fishbowls, and Stones

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"If you've read my previous blogs, you know my friend Jessie and I are going to be producing a show tentatively titled ""The Adventures of Treevis"" f... More

Dinner 911


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Quesadilla Quest


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Behind the Scenes


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The word 'community': Overused? Okay. Appropriate? Absolutely.

My Life: Kiersten


"So, I'm sitting in my bedroom in my freshly arranged apartment on Stewart St. (Garden Apartments, on campus by the library) listening to the sweet me... More