Interesting People, Incredible Accomplishments

My Life: Kiersten


I get to meet all kinds of really cool people during my job at Media Production Group, because we?re always interviewing and working with new companie... More

I Heard 'Nothing'...Except Script Fans

My Life: Kiersten


Saturday night Ashley, Erica, and I drove down to Cincinnati to see Safetysuit and The Script play at the PNC Pavilion at Riverbend. We left around 6... More

Bridesmaid Barbie Labors for a Dress

My Life: Kiersten


It?s been a few days since I?ve updated, so let me catch you up. This past weekend (Labor Day weekend), I went home to Indy to try on bridesmaid dress... More

I've Got Multiple Personalities

My Life: Kiersten


Auditions for the fall play, ?Slasher,? are now over and the cast has been chosen. I was super anxious for my audition because after reading the scrip... More

'Swim'ming in Indy

My Life: Kiersten


So, I have this problem where I really like concerts and spend a lot of time and money on them. This was the case Monday night when I went home for th... More

Waiting for Jack's

My Life: Kiersten


Currently I am sitting in the middle of Humanities Plaza enjoying the gorgeous weather. It is 10:05 am and I?ve already had breakfast, class, and a sn... More

Meijer Mania

My Life: Kiersten


Tonight, my roommate Lauren and I went to Meijer for the UD Meijer Mania. It?s an even they host every year that includes a 10% back-to-school discoun... More

Surviving Day 1

My Life: Kiersten


I survived my first day of classes! Not that syllabus week is usually a challenge or anything. However, I did have my first class at 8 am, so that was... More

Home Sweet Jasper Street

My Life: Kiersten


I am officially moved into my new home for the year! My roommates and I are all finally here and I am super excited to get going with everything UD ha... More

Pack It Up, Move It Out

My Life: Kiersten


It?s that time again, everyone. Yep, the time when I pack my things yet again and move. For the record, this is move number six for the summer! Oh man... More

Movie Madness and Modern Family

My Life: Kiersten


I think one of the weirdest things in the world for me at this time is not having to work. I literally have so much free time that I don?t know what t... More

Livin' It Up At Lolla 2011

My Life: Kiersten


Wow. Time sure does fly. I could have sworn that I updated my blog last weekend while I was in Chicago, but apparently that was just a lack-of-sleep-i... More

Six Days in Five Minutes

My Life: Kiersten


I am officially in the United States again. I know I missed blogging about a lot of things that happened the last week that I was in France, but it wa... More

Strike...But in a Good Way

My Life: Kiersten


Last night I went cosmic bowling with some of the other CIDEF kids and the moniteurs. It was super fun! I was on a team with Tiffany, a monatrice, and... More

The Day My Eyes Rained

My Life: Kiersten


Yesterday I visited some of the most moving sites I?ve ever seen?the D-Day museum, Normandy beaches, an American WWII cemetery,a German WWII cemetery,... More