A "Cut" Above


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Heaven on Sourdough

My Life: Kiersten


For some reason, whenever I hang out with my friend Colleen, we always make the most delicious food. Usually, it?s some kind of pasta. But earlier t... More

Meet Me in St. Louis

My Life: Kiersten


First of all, happy new year everyone! I?ve been MIA for a few days because I spent some time with two of my best friends, Shae and Renee, in St. ... More

I Resolve To...

My Life: Kiersten


It?s time again for the age-old tradition of making promises to ourselves that we really never intend to keep. Or we do intend to, but somehow it ju... More

Internship Search

My Life: Kiersten


I know it probably seems like I haven?t been the epitome of productive over the past week and a half of break, and that?s probably close to true. I ... More

It's (Not) Fair-yngitis

My Life: Kiersten


Guess who?s got pharyngitis. Yep. This girl. I feel like pharyngitis is the cousin of laryngitis, but it?s less cool because you don?t get to lose y... More

Back to the Gym

My Life: Kiersten


After consuming all of that delicious food this weekend, there was really only one thing to do today?go back to the gym. Now, this sounds good in th... More

Holiday Drivers

My Life: Kiersten


I?ve decided that I love holidays, but I hate what they do to people. Allow me, for a moment, to be a slight Scrooge. I promise, I?ll lighten up at ... More