"People and Things" and Pianos

01.31.2012So, maybe I have a problem. Or maybe I’m just a dedicated fan. After this post you can decide for yourself, I suppose. I saw Jack’s Mannequin in Indy on Saturday as part of their “People and Things” tour. I was tempted to do a two-night extravaganza in Cinci on Friday and then Indy on Saturday, but after the City & Colour car-towing fiasco of November, it was safer to just hit the Circle City. So that’s what Megan and I did, and I must say that I was still impressed despite the fact that I’ve seen them three times since August. Yeah…that’s where the problem might exist. But, if I’m being honest and it’s an addiction, I don’t want help. Enough about me…let’s talk about the show. Allen Stone opened the night with a funky-soulful set that was just as lively as when I saw him on my university campus a few years ago. However, this venue was a little more conducive to performance and accommodated a lot more people. So, congrats on your upgrade, Allen. I dug your groove, even though I didn’t know any of the lyrics. Opener number two was Jukebox the Ghost. They were poppy yet indie, fun yet subdued. To be a little clearer, I think if The Killers and Hot Hot Heat had a musical lovechild it would sound something like Jukebox the Ghost. “Hold It In” is an absolutely adorable song and you should watch the official video. To quote, “…Oh my God, if I tell him he’ll tell her and she’ll know I like her….” Thank you for finally expressing plainly how everyone really feels about relationships. And that falsetto makes me melt. Finally, Jack’s Mannequin led by front man Andrew McMahon took the stage and we were all “swimming” (please excuse the pun) in pretty piano melodies and witty lyrics. From the upbeat “The Mixed Tape” to “Hey Hey Hey (We’re All Gonna Die)” and the ever-present encore “La La Lie” the show was an explosion of energy, emotions, and ecstatic fans who screamed almost every word. Plus, there was a disco ball and confetti and McMahon executed his signature jump from the piano with grace and skill, not just once, but two or three times. I mean, really, it can’t get much better than that.