'Second Time's' a Charm

10.05.2009"Today, I accomplished what was thought to be impossible. I found the movie ""White Oleander."" I have been actively searching for this movie for over a week, because I chose to do an excerpt from it as a monologue both for class and for Monologue Night for Studio Theatre. Since it's been a while since I've seen the movie (it came out in 2001) I decided it'd be a good idea to watch it again and get a feel for the story and the character. No problem, I thought. Oh, how wrong I was.

First, I decided to try the usually trusty Second Time Around, the second-hand DVD/video game shop on Brown Street. Of course they'll have it, I thought. But to my dismay, there was no ""White Oleander"" on the shelf. I also tried WalMart, and no luck there either. No big deal, I'll just rent it from BlockBuster. So I called BlockBuster to inquire about my movie. ""I'm sorry,"" they said. ""We don't have it in stock. But, they do have it at three other locations near you."" Perfect! My friends Jen and Chad said they'd check for me since they would be out already, but reported that BlockBuster also was lacking my movie. Because they're such gracious friends, Chad and Jen decided to explore a few other options for me. They looked at BestBuy--nothing. Then, they tried F.Y.E. The associate typed the movie in the computer database to see if they had it in stock, and they did! Hurrah! Unfortunately, this excitement was short-lived. After searching furiously through the racks of DVDs, Chad, Jen, and F.Y.E. Man came up empty-handed. Now what?

I had almost given up hope that I would obtain the object of my desire, until one decision, surely motivated by fate alone, changed everything. I had gone to dinner at Subway on Brown Street with Jessie and Katie, and after satiating our hunger, Jessie asked me the all-important question. She said, ""Do you want to browse Second Time Around?"" I pondered this for a second and finally answered, ""Sure, if you want to look for something. Plus, it couldn't hurt to look for that movie again."" So we did just that. I hesitantly entered the door, unknowing that I was about to achieve my goal. Slowly I scanned the rack of DVDs. White Fang. White Noise. White Oleander. White---wait a second! White Oleander! Hey, they have it! I snatched the DVD off the rack and held it up to Jessie and Katie in triumph. And then I glanced at the price sticker--$3.00! The movie I had been tirelessly seeking for over a week was now in my possession and it had cost half the amount of my lunch. And let me tell you, the three dollars was completely worth the feeling of accomplishment.

And this, my friends, is why I love Second Time Around so much. I like to think of it as my own personal Mirror of Erised for all things electronic. If one person appreciates that Harry Potter reference, it will not have been used in vain. The point of all of this, I suppose, is to say that Second Time Around houses many a gem in the realms of music and video. Stop in and take a look sometime. You just might find exactly what you need at exactly the right time.