"Stand" and Celebrate


Many a splendid thing has happened in the past few days, and I’m finally getting the time to record all of it for you lovely people. A moment of joy—Hurrah! So, let’s dive right into the first topic of conversation, shall we?

Stander Symposium was this past Wednesday. Now, for all of you who arenÂ’t actually at UD yet, Stander Symposium is a day of alternate learning. What, you may ask, does this actually mean? Well, lucky for you IÂ’m here to tell you! This day is all about sharing information and learning from fellow students who have been working on all kinds of interesting projects throughout the course of the year. Classes are canceled for the day so we can mosey around and check out the cool projects. Some students present research theyÂ’ve been conducting in labs, others share psychological theories theyÂ’ve been developing, and still more bestow upon us their creative talents in the form of art, music, dance, etc. There is really no limit to the kinds of things youÂ’ll see at Stander, making it an awesome way to connect with other students.

Unfortunately, I was not able to attend this year, because I was stuck inside writing papers all day (it is almost the end of the semester, after all). However, my friend Jessie presented a video she made this summer when she went on a trip to aid a community in Zambia; my roommate presented a class project about an athlete who overcame incredible obstacles in her career; and another friend of mine talked about her research involving womenÂ’s magazines.

I went last year and I wish I could have seen all of the awesome things UD students are accomplishing this year. I definitely will make a point of going next year, though. Congrats to everyone who presented!