'Tumble' is a Dryer Setting...Not Advice

09.29.2009I woke up yesterday morning fully intent on going to Psychology 101 at 10 a.m. If that had happened as planned, I probably wouldn't have sustained the injuries I acquired that afternoon. Allow me to explain.

After I had eaten breakfast and gotten dressed I decided to check my e-mail since I had a few minutes to spare. It was a good thing I did because my professor had sent an e-mail on Sunday canceling the class I was about to go to! My bed tempted me to crawl back under the covers and sleep until who knows when, but I was able to convince myself that being productive would be way more satisfying. The judges are still out on that one. Here's what I did instead.

First, I went to the RecPlex (the workout facility.) I could devote an entire year to talking about all the reasons I love the RecPlex, but I'll just keep to the basics for now. I had been slacking on working out since I got a part in Eurydice, and it felt so great to work out all my stress on the elliptical machine, medicine ball, and free weights. And, no, this was not the source of my pain and suffering. Just wait.

After that, I got ambitious and decided to do laundry, which is not exactly my favorite thing in the world. But, when you start running out of clean underwear its probably time to do a load, so I bit the bullet and did it. However, this laundry trip was no ordinary experience. Lets face it, this is my life, so something is bound to happen a different way than it should naturally. Picture this: One minute I'm walking out of the laundry building with my cute little empty basket in hand thinking about what else I need to do, and BAM!, the next minute I'm face to face with concrete. Whoa, wait, what just happened? Apparently, my natural state of clumsiness decided that right then would be a good time to surface. I had forgotten that there's a step right outside the door, missed it, and tripped on my flip-flop, which sent my entire body hurtling toward the ground. My knees took the brunt of the fall, but I also scraped my toes in the process. Cool. I did manage to catch myself before my face made impact; otherwise I would have had some pretty cool marks there too. Of course, as I was standing back up, I made the cliche glance around to see if anyone had witnessed this humbling event. I don't think anyone did, but if you saw a redhead hit pavement outside Garden Apartments yesterday, that was me. Luckily, my mother knows me all too well and sent a first-aid kit with me to school. Thank goodness for band-aids and antibacterial cream. Anyway, the wounds aren't too tragic, and I was laughing the whole time. It's just so typical me. Maybe this was a sign that I shouldn't be domestic...or maybe I should just learn how to walk.