A Castle, Crepe, and Clothes

07.20.2011Saturday, Emily and I really wanted to go to the lake. Unfortunately, Mother Nature had other plans for us. I woke up hoping that the sun would be shining, because it’s been a little touch-and-go lately as far as the weather is concerned. But, it was cloudy, chilly, and sprinkling. Clearly not lake-weather. Emily and I, however, were determined to have a day out doing something, because we’re in Europe and it just will not suffice to sit inside all day. So, instead, we decided to go visit the Chateau d’Angers (aka the giant castle that’s five minutes from campus, and that was actually used as a refuge during war!) We fought the bipolar weather (it was sunny one minute and cloudy/rainy/windy the next) and moseyed through the castle. My favorite parts were the giant garden and the view from the top. We stopped to have a photo-shoot a la America’s Next Top Model and I just have to say that I think Tyra Banks would have been proud at the way we used that wind in our hair. But seriously, the view of the city and the river is amazing from up there and the gardens were just…magnificent. We decided that it would be way awesome if someone got married under the arched foliage! After castle-viewing, we were a little hungry, so we headed to our first sit-down café experience. We ordered everything in French, of course, and talked to each other in French the whole time in an attempt to blend it. I had a café crème and a banana crepe. It was delicious. And I wasn’t even ad that everyone knew we were Americans, despite our best efforts to hide the obvious fact. After we were full, we continued our day with a shopping excursion and I actually had some luck! I got a new pair of shoes, two sweater-type contraptions, a dress, and a pair of leggings. A castle and clothes--sufficient for one day, I think. Take that, Mother Nature.