A "Cut" Above


What could possibly be almost as exciting as getting my MacBook? Well, IÂ’ll tell you. It arrived on my porch yesterday in an ordinary, brown package. But inside the box was a multitude of possibilities wrapped in an air of magic. No, it wasnÂ’t covered in fairy dust and didnÂ’t sing like the golden egg in Harry Potter. But, I dare say it was better than both of these things. I know youÂ’re thinking, alright already just tell us! Okay, fine. Cloaked in the plain exterior of a UPS package wasÂ…gaspÂ…my Final Cut Studio software!!

Just stay with me for a second. I know that sounds incredibly nerdy, but what can I say? IÂ’m a media major for a reason. So anyway, I am currently installing said software and am waiting in anxious anticipation for its completion. Because once itÂ’s finished I will finally be able to start and finish the four or so projects I filmed on my camera! Three cheers for progressÂ…hip hip hooray! Hip hip hooray! Hip hip hooray!

If you could, please forgive the awful pun I’m about to make. Now that I’ve got Final Cut, I’ll “Finally” be able to “Cut” my projects! Okay. Now that you’re heard my excessive excitement about technology, you can continue on your merry way. But be warned, I’ll probably be uploading some fun blogs and projects for your enjoyment in the near future, so don’t forget to check back!