A Shopping Trip to Be "Greene" About

12.06.2011Green as in jealous. Because I had a wonderful girls’ night-type evening last night with Emily, Emily, and Bridget at The Greene, the outdoor mall. Despite the fact that it was cold and pouring rain and I only wore a sweatshirt instead of a coat (poor planning), we had a blast. Our first goal was to find Bridget a dress for the Studio Theatre semi-formal this Friday. We went into Forever 21 and were immediately met by racks upon racks of options. The Emilys and I started grabbing things for Bridget to try, some serious considerations and others just for our own amusement. After about 8 dresses, we found a winner! How about that? Success at the first store we went to! Goal: achieved. Secondly, we needed some food, and fast. So, after a few moments of deliberation, we went to That Crêpe Place (yes, that’s the name). I had never been there, but I was impressed with the selection of savory and sweet crêpes. I decided on a club crêpe since I was rather hungry, but I’d love to go back and try a dessert one. I have to admit, it wasn’t quite up to par with the ones in France, but it was a high-quality substitute and I definitely enjoyed it. Goal: achieved. Next, Bridget needed to buy a secret-Santa present from Books & Co. Which, thinking about it now, was actually a very dangerous idea since Emily, Bridget, and I are hardcore in love with that store and could spend an entire week there without leaving, if they’d let us. So, the fact that we managed to get out of there quickly and having only purchased what we came to get was a very big deal indeed. Goal: achieved. Finally, having skipped dessert crêpes, we had a sweet craving that needed to be satisfied. Conveniently, Yogurt Mountain is located in the Books & Co. lobby, so we popped over for a quick sweet snack of the build-your-own frozen yogurt variety. I had cake batter yogurt with strawberries, blueberries, pecans, and mini M&Ms. Satisfying. Goal: achieved. Clearly we managed to beat the rainy-day blues, even at an outdoor mall. I’d say that qualifies as an overall win and if it’s indicative of how the rest of my week is going to go, I would be completely okay with that.