Academic Overload

07.21.2011This week has been super crazy in terms of academics. Monday I turned in my first written exam (eek!) that was a take-home. We had to write a 200-word police story. The hardest part was keeping it under 200 words! Monday we also had to take our first speaking exam, which I was a little nervous about. But then we found out that it we just had to create a short skit in a group about what happened when a few of us returned home from vacation and our apartment was a mess. I was with Shelby and Kaori and we presented a skit in which Shelby and Kaori had messed up my apartment and I was upset. My favorite part was when Kaori (she’s from Japan) said “une heure plus tard” (one hour later) to signify we were changing scenes. It was so cute! Wednesday I had to present my article about Bon Iver to my expression orale class, which was fine. I was a little nervous at first, but I chose a subject that was super easy for me to talk about and to answer questions about, so I think that helped a lot. I made a few grammar mistakes, but nothing too drastic. I gave a few suggestions at the end for other bands that people might like if they like Bon Iver, and Matthieu (my moniteur) told me today that he looked up City & Colour and likes them! I felt pretty cool. Last night I finished writing my enquete, which is my big project where I had to talk to native French people about their thoughts on American films. I had talked to some of Dominique and Rachid’s friends and they gave me a lot of good information, so it wasn’t too difficult to write. I’m turning that in tomorrow and all that will be left to do is present it next week! I’m not too worried though, because my other presentation was 10 minutes and this one only has to be between 5-8 minutes. I also had two exams today, one listening and one reading comprehension. And tomorrow I will have another written exam. Yikes. But, I’ve survived thus far, and next week I think the only thing I’ll really have to worry about it presenting my enquete…but no sweat; it’s taken care of. I can’t believe I only have 6 days of class left! It’s so weird. Can’t think about that, though. Just concentrating on learning and having fun.