All Aboard the Sale-ing Ship

01.15.2012Yesterday Kat, Emily, JG, and I won a battle against inflated clothing prices. After deciding to go The Greene (outdoor mall) in search of a few select items for Emily, we entered Old Navy on a whim and discovered the most amazing sale ever. You think I’m kidding…I’m not. Half the store was clearance, meaning it was about 50% off the original price. But wait, that’s not all. Shop today and we’ll take an EXTRA 50% off the sale price! With my humble math skills I figure that’s about 75% off the original price. Umm. What. Obviously we couldn’t pass this up. I wasn’t even looking for clothes, but I found some really cute shirts for about $4 each, a couple purses, a duffle bag, and a cardigan all for…drumroll please…$36! I know, right?! Other good finds for the day: Emily got a pair of jeans for $4.50 and JG found boots that were originally $70 for $8. Yes, you read correctly, $8. I found a plaid coat, too, that I really wanted that was only $15 but it didn’t fit. Despite that minor setback, I’d say it was an extremely successful shopping trip. In fact, we were so pleased that we had to tell the girls who worked at Potbelly where we ate lunch. Yep. It was that good. So, if you’re in need of clothes, check out Old Navy before the sale ship sails!