American Fun on the French Day

07.16.2011Thursday was the French National Holiday, as you know from reading my previous blog. Having celebrated this day the night before, a few of us decided to partake in some traditional, American youth activities to remind us a little bit of home. What'd we do, you ask? Dominoes pizza and Harry Potter 7. We ordered our pizzas, expecting them to be just like the Dominoes we're used to. However, we were slightly wrong in this assumption. Instead of our beloved tomato sauce, there was a sort of cheese sauce. We think this is because when the guy asked Emily if she wanted tomatoes, she said no, thinking that he meant slices of tomatoes. Also, the cheese wasn't the same. I'm not sure why we expected French Dominoes to be the same, but we were a little disappointed. The second part of our night, however, completely made up for the dinner failure. Harry Potter 7 part 2 in 3D at The 400 Coups theatre was exactly what I wanted it to be. We bought our tickets early in the afternoon so we would definitely have seats, and we went to the 7:45 showing (that's 1:45 pm in the States.) Note that this is many hours before the midnight premier that occurred later that night back home. Anyway, we arrived about 30 minutes early and got our seats, preparing for greatness. And greatness was delivered to our eyes and ears in the form of the most wonderful Harry Potter movie yet, in my opinion. I loved it. Oh, I forgot to say that it was in English with French subtitles, because the theatre shows movies in their original versions. Umm...SCORE. Anyway, it was fantastic. And I'm more than a little excited that I got to see it before the people at home :) Despite the pizza mishap, American evening was splendid thanks to 400 Coups and their English amenitie