An Eye-Brightening Adventure


Wednesday night I road-tripped out to Columbus with my friends Pat and Josh to see Bright Eyes in concert. If youÂ’ve never heard of Bright Eyes, well, youÂ’re just missing out. I have a hard time describing their sound; itÂ’s kind of an acoustic-indie-experimental sort of thing, I guess. If you really want an example, Youtube them and see for yourself!

IÂ’m a fairly new Bright Eyes fan, as is Josh, but their PatÂ’s favorite band so he was super stoked. He was actually the one who really introduced me to them a few years ago. Anyway, we left Dayton around 5:15 or so and headed out to Columbus. We got there around 6:30, thinking the show started at 7 when it really didnÂ’t start until 8. And all three of us were starving so we decided to park and try to find somewhere to eat before getting in line to go into the venue, which was the Lifestyle Community Pavilion. Being that we were around downtown we figured there would be a plethora of places to choose from, but we were sadly mistaken. After walking around for at least 20 minutes, we still hadnÂ’t eaten. Sure, there were a bunch of food places, but none of them were open! I mean, really, who closes at 3 pm on a Wednesday night? Apparently everyone in Columbus. Finally we decided we should get in line so we could get a decent spot inside. Did I mention that it was also about 900 degrees outside with no wind? Slight exaggeration, but really it was SO hot.

Luckily the concert was indoors, and the venue was actually pretty neat. We stood toward the back, but we were elevated a few steps above the pit, which made it a lot easier to see the stage. There was also an area upstairs, like a balcony, where people who had specific tickets sat, and some other people also just stood up there as well. But enough about logistics. LetÂ’s get to the fun part!

The concert itself was AWESOME. They used some really crazy lighting for effect, but it wasn’t overdone like some other shows I’ve seen. And they had really good energy, which always makes for a great show. My favorite part was when they played “Lua,” the first song of the encore. “Lua” was one of the first Bright Eyes songs I heard and on the album it’s just an acoustic guitar, which is cool. For the encore, though, Conor Oberst (the front-man) played his acoustic guitar and one of the other band members played the trumpet. It doesn’t sound like the most winning combo, but it totally worked. There were a couple sweet trumpet solos too…check out this video that someone else at the concert took…

After the show was over, Josh left us to go to OSU to see some friends and Pat and I started to head back to Dayton. First, however, we needed food since neither of us had eaten since lunch at noon. After a few minutes on the highway, we saw the most beautiful sign we had seen in a very long time—Waffle House. So, we stopped at this tiny little Waffle House in the middle of nowhere and ate the best breakfast ever. Scrambled eggs, bacon, hash browns, and biscuits and gravy. It was exactly what we needed. And then, the hour-long drive home was a piece of cake. Basically, a mid-week concert topped off with a trip to Waffle House is exactly what summer is all about. And I can’t wait for the next one!