And Then There Were None...Classes, That Is


Today, at 2:25 pm I finished my junior year of classes at UD. WaitÂ…what? Yes, you heard right, I have completed my attending-class obligations for my third year of college. Of course, I still have 3 exams, a 10-page paper, and a reflection to do before the year is officially over, but still. This whole concept of not going to lectures is kind of blowing my mind. DonÂ’t worry though, the shock will pass eventually. This always happens at the end of the year. ItÂ’s so weird to think that I have spent 8 months going to class, doing assignments, taking tests, hanging out with friends, making memories, and being a college kid. Where did time go?

I was looking at pictures the other day of events that happened at the very beginning of the school year (Studio Theatre camping, my birthday, Halloween, etc.) and I couldnÂ’t help but get a little nostalgic. It feels like these things happened yesterday or last weekend, but in reality, they were months ago! I keep saying it, but I canÂ’t believe how fast time goes when you spend it with amazing people and doing things you love.

I guess the good thing is IÂ’ve still got another week this school year with most of my friends and another year after that to make many more memories. Stay tuned for news of tomorrow nightÂ’s Studio Theatre Black Box Awards (our version of the Oscars) and tales from the dreaded Finals Week. To all the graduating seniors, I hope you had a wonderful final week of class and IÂ’ll be wishing you luck at the end of next week. But for now, enjoy every minute because it really does fly.