Apples are Better Than Pears & Coconuts


IÂ’m about to make a huge change in my life. Wait for itÂ…IÂ’m about to buy a Mac. Stifle your gasps; I know itÂ’s a big deal. IÂ’ve been a PC user my entire life, so this is kind of a scary thing. And by scary I really mean completely exhilarating and awesome. Now, you might be wondering, why is this girl getting so excited about a computer? IÂ’ll tell you. For most of you reading this, you will never have to experience the Tangent. All of the UD students and alum who entered the university in my year or before will understand the jealousy we have for you all. See, for a long time, UD had a contract with a computer company called Tangent, meaning that all incoming freshmen (except engineers and art majors) were required to buy a Tangent computer through the school. LetÂ’s just say that weÂ’re all a little bitter that we couldnÂ’t get a shiny new HP. Consider yourselves lucky and having a choice a privilege. Anyway, my Tang and I have been fighting a lot lately. It likes to overheat and shut off randomly. So, thatÂ’s not good. Hence the search for an upgrade.

Now, why, you may ask, do I need a Mac? Well, IÂ’m an electronic media major and everyone IÂ’ve talked to in the business has said they use Macs and edit on Final Cut. So, I believe this is the direction I need to go in order to, you know, maybe get a job later in life. Like in a year and a half when I graduate.

This discussion led me and my family to the Apple store at Keystone Fashion Mall up in Carmel, IN yesterday. They were super busy, but we didnÂ’t have to wait too long to get help. I really just wanted to get some expert opinions on the specifications like RAM and video memory, etc. And without even telling them what I wanted to do with my computer, they sent the perfect guy to help me. He went to UC and now does independent video editing with some artists and friends. Seriously?! I could not have asked for a more helpful employee. He talked me out of getting unnecessary upgrades and gave me great advice on what to buy and what not to buy. Thank, Mo!

So, now the only thing to do is order it! Hopefully next week I will be typing these blogs on my shiny new Mac and will have said a (semi)-sorrowful goodbye to my dear Tangent.