Are We Being Tested on This?


The semester has just gotten real. I had my first exam of the semester this morning, and I think it actually went okay. There’s always a kind of panic right before I take my first exam in a class because I don’t know what it’s going to be like. Yesterday, for example, I spent most of my free time (ha. what’s that?) re-typing my notes and memorizing definitions. I even got up a little earlier than usual this morning to go over things again before my class at 10:30. And, you know what? I think it paid off. Oh, the test was in Developmental Psychopathology, which is just a fancy way of saying “abnormal psychology of children.” But like I said, I think I did alright. There were a few multiple-choice questions that I was a little shaky on, but nothing was too big of a surprise. And I felt really confident about the short answer questions. The big thing in this class is going to be application to real-life situations, which is actually more helpful because it will force me to understand the material enough that I can explain it to someone else.

I also have a French quiz today at 4:30, which shouldnÂ’t be too difficult. ItÂ’s getting to that time of the semester, though. Everyone is closing in on the quarter-mark and thus itÂ’s time for the first exam. More poor roommate has 4 exams next week, one on each day Monday through Thursday. SheÂ’s lucky theyÂ’re spread out a little, but still sheÂ’s going to be spending lots of time studying this weekend and next week.

I hate taking exams, but I suppose itÂ’s part of the college experience that I canÂ’t really escape. So, I just have to study as much as possible and do the best I can. I mean, the whole purpose of being here is to learn things, right? If youÂ’ve got exams coming up, good luck to you! And if you donÂ’t, well arenÂ’t you just lucky? Happy studying, everyone, and oh yeah, enjoy the weekend!