Around the World, Downtown Dayton


Collectively, the summer group has decided that we should try a bunch of new things and go to new places while weÂ’re on campus. During the school year it is so easy to fall into the trap of staying super close to campus and going to the same restaurants and entertainment venues all the time since there are so many right here. But, we are trying to step outside the box and get some new experiences. The following are two accounts of our attempt at new Dayton experiences.

First, on Friday night we ate at a Lebanese restaurant. I know, right?! We were sitting at rehearsal trying to decide what to do for dinner, and someone mentioned that thereÂ’s a Lebanese place pretty close. So, we thought, why not? I have to say that I was not exactly expecting what we found when we parked in the lot. I was thinking it would be a sit-down place like Thai 9, but Lebanese food of course. It was more of a take-out atmosphere, which was okay, but not what I had in mind at first. And then I looked at the menu. I was determined to try it since that was the whole point of going, and I ended up ordering a chicken kebab sandwich. It was probably the least adventurous thing on the menu, but hey, give me a little break here. It was actually not bad. It had chicken, lettuce, garlic sauce, beets (weird), and pickles (even weirder), but the combination was pretty decent. I donÂ’t think I would choose to go back, but it is something I can check off my bucket list.

After we ate we went to the Schuster Center downtown Dayton to see a show called “Bernstein’s Mass,” with our friend Jarrod. None of us really had any idea what the show would be about, but the tickets only cost $5 so we couldn’t pass it up. The Schuster Center is a beautiful performance venue with a stellar orchestra, and it makes me feel more refined even just walking in the door. It turned out that the show was kind of an opera/play going through a Catholic mass, which I couldn’t follow very well, being that I’m not Catholic. I did, however, appreciate the dancing and many of the musical numbers because the performers were extremely talented. Overall, the show wasn’t really my cup of tea, but I definitely appreciated the experience.

Our original plan was to go to Urban Nights after the show, which is a festival-type event downtown. By the time the show was over, everything was pretty much winding down, though, so we just walked through the Oregon District for a while. The Oregon District has a bunch of restaurants and nightlife places and it was cool to see the city at night. We didn’t stay too long, though, because we had a long day and were getting tired. I would say the night of new experiences was a success, even though the food and show didn’t get placed on my list of favorites, because I got to experience them with a bunch of great people. I’m looking forward to our next adventure—what will it be? In this town, you just never know.