Batman Like Zucchini Bread...and Other Fun Facts About Midterm Break


When I first heard that we were going to have a random 4-day break at the beginning of March, my first thought was, “Well, that’s stupid.” My feelings have changed, however, since I’ve been experiencing what UD is calling “mid-term break.” I actually got the chance to come home to Indy and spend some time with my family! And it’s been lovely so far.

I got home Wednesday night and ate dinner with the family and actually watch some television…*gasp*…I KNOW. I watched television while it was actually airing, not online a few days later. It was the weirdest thing ever. But nice. My mom and I watched American Idol, which I haven’t faithfully watched since the season where Carrie Underwood won. But it was okay. For some reason it just isn’t the same with Steven Tyler and Jennifer Lopez. I mean, they’re great in their own right, but I just can’t get used to seeing Steven sitting behind that awkward judges table. He should be running around on stage, screeching about not wanting to “miss a thing” or warning people that “Janie’s Got a Gun,” not making strange analogies about people’s voices.

Anyway, yesterday I spent all afternoon writing my paper for Classic American Film. Our assignment was to take a recent movie and explain how it fits a specific genre. My professor told us itÂ’s generally more fun to take a movie and fit it into an unexpected genre. So, thatÂ’s what I attempted to do. I explained how New in Town, with Renee Zellweger and Harry Connick Jr., fits the criteria for a western. Crazy, right? ItÂ’s amazing the skills you learn in college.

Also, my brother helped me memorize my lines for Rabbit Hole, because we have to be off-book (meaning we can’t use our scripts at rehearsal anymore) by the time we come back on Monday. It was really funny because he gave the other characters funny voices. He read Becca as a Monty Python-style British guy, Izzy as a British boy going through puberty, and Howie as a Christian Bale-esque Batman. We couldn’t stop laughing when he read Howie’s line, “I’m just tired. And full of zucchini bread.” We decided that should be added to Batman’s introduction. “I am vengeance. I am the night. I am…full of zucchini bread.” Haha!

I am continuing my break with work and play today, working on a history paper and then heading down to Bloomington to visit my best friend Lindsay. SheÂ’s performing in a festival, so IÂ’m sure IÂ’ll have a video or two to share with you when I return. Until then, if youÂ’re on break, enjoy it! And if youÂ’re not, well itÂ’s almost the weekend!