Beautiful Bloomington

10.10.2009"Today was one of those days, the good kind that makes you smile and forget about the stress of everyday life and appreciate the time you have with the important people in your life. Today I visited one of my best friends, Lindsay, at Indiana University in Bloomington, IN.

When deciding where to go for college, it's natural to take into consideration where your friends are going. But, don't base your choice solely on that. If you're going through the process now, you've probably heard that or will hear it so many times that it makes your ears want to bleed. But, if you've already been through it, you know what I'm about to say. Choosing a school that fits you is so important, because if you do, you're bound to be happy and do well. You're probably asking why I?m telling you this when I introduced this as a blog about my trip to see my friend. Alright, I'll cut to the chase.

Lindsay and I have been really close friends since eighth grade, and she, like all of my other friends, decided to go to a different school than I did for college. At first I was worried about being able to keep in touch with my best friends from high school, but after living away from them for a year plus, I've realized it's made us closer. Take me and Lindsay for example. Generally we don't talk to each other for a few weeks at a time because we get so busy at school with classes and work and extracurricular activities. But, then when we do talk we have so much to tell each other and it's great to reconnect. We both understand that the other is always available for us to talk to if we need her, but we're independent enough that we don't have to rely on each other every day.

Not seeing friends for a while makes it that much more exciting when I do get to see them. Today, I made the hour-long journey down to Bloomington to hang out with Lindsay (and her awesome sisters, Stef and Jen) for the day. We went to a cute little market that sold all kinds of goodies. Imagine, tables upon tables of fresh, homegrown produce and flowers. Pumpkins, peppers, tomatoes, potatoes, and freshly popped kettlecorn (for only $1!). People selling homemade jewelry and scarves, hand-painted trinkets, home decorations, and more! I only wish I had brought more money so I could have purchased a souvenir. I did, however, sample the kettlecorn and an Asian pear, compliments of the friendly merchant.

After that we took a short trip to the College Mall where Stef and Jen bought boots, and then jetted to Hobby Lobby (aka one of my favorite stores ever.) Just walking around that store makes me want to create something. I ended up buying some more paint, 3 canvasses, and a palette.

Then, it was back to the apartment for some good old fashioned '90s movie-time. We only got part of the way through ""She's All That"" before it was time for me to say goodbye again. It was sad to say goodbye, but I had such a wonderful time and I know I'll see her in a month or so around Thanksgiving. It's refreshing to have those days with friends where you just laugh and remember and enjoy. Not to mention the absolutely gorgeous weather that we had today. It was a perfectly crisp autumn day, the reds and yellows and oranges in the leaves reflecting the sunlight. Ah, what a day.

It's days like this one that ground and refresh me and give me the energy to keep on track with all of the hustle and bustle of my busy life at school. I think it's so fitting that it came at the end of midterm break. So, bring it on Life, I'm ready for you.