Behind the Scenes

09.04.2009While IÆve got about 40 minutes to kill I figured now would be the perfect opportunity to update you all on whatÆs happening in my life at UD. There are two main, super-exciting things that I feel the urge to share, so here goes.

First and foremost, remember the auditions I mentioned in my last blog? Well, I got a part in one of them! I will be playing the part of the Loud Stone in the Studio Theatre production of Eurydice, a story based on the Greek myth of Eurydice and her husband, Orpheus. The basic storyline (without giving away too many details) is this: Eurydice and Orpheus get married, Eurydice dies and goes to the Underworld, and Orpheus searches for her, finally striking a deal with the Lord of the Underworld to try to free his bride. Of course thereÆs more to it, but I canÆt give too much away. The show is hilarious and emotional and touching and strange and will, without a doubt, be a bundle of fun to put on and to watch. If this didnÆt convey how amazing the show will be, IÆll just say this: raining elevator on stage. If that doesnÆt intrigue you IÆm not sure what will. But seriously, itÆs going to be amazing. The only thing is that opening night is exactly three weeks from tonightà yikes! So, I have a feeling I will be spending a lot of my time in the Music & Theatre (M/T) building rehearsing.

Second, as if that wasnÆt enough excitement for one post, my friend Jessie and I had our brainstorming session for the show weÆre planning to produce for Flyer TV. Flyer TV, for those who donÆt know, is the campus television station that airs student-produced programs. The great thing about Flyer TV is that itÆs a great opportunity to become familiar with video and sound equipment, editing software, and production skills and to begin building a digital portfolio for possible job interviews in the future. And, the best part is that Flyer TV can be taken as a class for credit or just for the experience and fun of it! For now, for me personally, itÆs just for fun and experience. But after I take the introductory video production class (Video Basic), which IÆm taking this semester, IÆll be taking the class for credit. Flyer TV is also fantastic because you can get as involved as you want from the very beginning of your freshman year, compared to other colleges where you might have to wait until later to learn how to use the equipment. Basically, weÆve got a leg up on our competition.

I guess what IÆm trying to say is get involved in something you love, because I definitely have and itÆs made my time so far here at UD an incredibly experience.