Best Friends in B-town


As previously mentioned, last weekend was mid-term break and I actually got to relax a little. After spending all of Thursday (literally) writing my Classic American Film paper, I was super excited to go down to Indiana University in Bloomington on Friday to visit my best friend Lindsay. WeÂ’ve been friends since 8th grade, so itÂ’s always great to see her, but we donÂ’t get to very often. Hence the reason I jumped at the chance to see her perform (sheÂ’s a musician, but sheÂ’d never introduce herself that wayÂ…sheÂ’s too modest) and to just hang out with her for a while.

I headed down to Bloomington around 2:30 on Friday afternoon and arrived around 3:30. By 4:30, Lindsay, her boyfriend Tony, and I had left Lindsay’s apartment to set up at Buffalouie’s (a wings restaurant) for Lindsay’s show. She played a 45-minute set as part of a benefit concert with the proceeds going to an elementary in the area. Tony actually accompanied her on a couple and I’ve included their performance of Jason Mraz’s “Lucky” at the end of this blog, so check them out! Also, check out Lindsay’s Youtube channel…just search Lindsay Smith and you should find her. She’s really talented and writes her own stuff as well as covers some great existing songs. Think I’m just saying that because we’re friends? Check out her stuff and decide for yourself.

After the show we at dinner at Mother BearÂ’s pizza and saw Tony perform in the Improv comedy show at IU. And finally we spent some time with old friends. I was sad I had to leave on Saturday, but it was great to see Lindsay, Tony, LindsayÂ’s family, and some old friends.

And, seriously, take a listen to Lindsay. SheÂ’s splendid. And Tony is pretty good too.