Bracelets and Goodbyes


Just a quick note before I begin: I know I have been extremely neglectful in my blogging in the past week, and I intend to make up for thatÂ…right now. So, prepare yourself for a string of blogs detailing what I have been up to. But, for your reading convenience, I will break them up into separate blogs. And now, the first of manyÂ…

Okay. So, the other night a bunch of us were on our floor trying to decide what to do. ItÂ’s been a little weird for us all to re-adjust to dorm-living and activity-finding, but weÂ’ve been managing alright. The other night a few of us decided to sit in the lounge on our floor and make friendship bracelets. Yes, you read correctly. The bracelets made of brightly colored string that are usually found on the arms of 6th grade females. You know, itÂ’s refreshing to go back to childhood every once and a while.

Anyway, Emily, Ashley, Grace, Tim, and I gathered around the table in the lounge and spread out a plethora of colored string and each made a bracelet for the person to our left. Tim had never made a friendship bracelet before (GASP!) so we taught him and he actually made mine, and quite well indeed! Other people started filtering into the lounge with us, just to hang out. Josh even drove up from Cincinnati because he missed us all so much.

The end of the night was sad, though, because we said goodbye to Grace who just graduated. I have a really hard time crying in front of people, but I just couldnÂ’t help it at the time. The waterworks, oh how they flowed. Grace and I really just got close this year from working on so many shows together and hanging out more, and I am really going to miss her and the other seniors I bonded with this year. DonÂ’t worry though, every time I see a friendship bracelet IÂ’ll remember the night we made them, and IÂ’ll smile. And itÂ’s not really goodbye, itÂ’s only see you later.