Breaking Legs in Eastern Ohio


This update is coming to you from a very different place than normal. I’m spending the weekend in my roommate Emily’s hometown of New Concord, Ohio, which is about 2.5 hours east of Dayton. On any given weekend I guess it wouldn’t be that strange to spend time in my roommate’s hometown, but this weekend is different because I am accompanying her to her auditions for the Ohio Theatre Alliance. OTA is holding auditions and interviews for their summer and year-long positions. Emily had tech interviews earlier this afternoon, and as I type this she is auditioning for speaking and singing roles for summer productions. Break a leg, Em! That’s theatre-speak for “good luck.” Our other friend Grace is also auditioning and she’s warming up now. Break a leg also, Grace!

IÂ’m not auditioning because I wonÂ’t be available for very much of the summer because of my trip to France, but itÂ’s been an interesting adventure thus far anyway. The worst part about the whole process is the waiting around for the different interview and audition times. But, as long as Em and Grace donÂ’t get callbacks weÂ’ll be done very soon and will be able to leave Muskingum College and just relax for the rest of the weekend.

Currently, IÂ’m sitting in one of the waiting rooms with a group of people who are going to audition at 6. I figured that I might as well post a blog while IÂ’m sitting here doing nothingÂ…so here you go!

Also, completely unrelated but even more exciting, I learned how to do video blogs. So, instead of just saying IÂ’m going to do one IÂ’ll actually be able to post them! Expect that within the next few days. And until then, break a leg in all your endeavors, everyone, and enjoy your weekend!