Cabin Fever

12.30.2011Winter and cabins just go together. They just do. And what’s great for me is that Noah’s family just bought a cabin down by Lake Patoka in southern Indiana and we all went down there last night to check it out. By “all” of us I mean Noah’s parents and aunt and uncle, Renee, me, Baker, and the two pups, Mya and Aleutia. We didn’t get down there until about 7 pm because Noah had to work and it takes a little over two hours to get there. But, nonetheless we had so much fun. Upon arrival we threw some frozen pizzas in the oven and then played Cranium. It was kids vs. adults and for some unknown reason, the adults managed to pull of the win. Hmpf. I’m not bitter or anything… Anyway, then we just relaxed, listening to the coyotes howl in the distance. We were going to take a soak in the hot tub, but by 11 pm it still was only in the mid-70s, so we left that for this afternoon. First we woke up and ate the “cabin hash” uncle Bobby made, which was scrambled eggs, potatoes, bacon, and cheese all cooked together. It was delicious. And then Noah, Baker, Renee, and I got in the hot tub for a bit…well, until it started raining. Then the men played cards and Renee and I took Aleutia for an exploratory walk through the cabin neighborhood and saw all of the pretty houses. It is so beautiful down there with all of the trees and the big open sky. Unfortunately we had to leave around 4 pm, but I’m looking forward to the summer when we can bring the boat and jet skis and spend a lot of time relaxing at the cabin!