Canoeing, Camping, and Constellations

09.21.2009This past weekend was so much fun! It was, of course, the annual Studio Theatre canoeing/camping trip! Every year, Studio Theatre members, new and old alike, come together for a lovely weekend of canoeing on the Little Miami and camping at MorganÆs campground around Lebanon, OH. HereÆs a quick run-down of what happened:

ò Met in the parking lot behind the Music & Theatre building (M/T) at 8 a.m. (SO early!)

ò Carpooled/caravanned the hour-ish long trip to the campsite

ò Took a bus to the canoe site

ò Suited up in life vests (of course!) and chose our oars and canoesùI canoed with my roommate, Lauren, and friend Cat. It was a very special day for the three of us because it was our one-year anniversary of friendship. See, we met at this same trip last year and randomly decided to canoe together. We formed a bond in that canoe and thus, became friends. If Lauren and I hadnÆt canoed together we might not be living together now. Pretty cool, huh?

ò After everyone was ready, one of the owners of the site took a giant group picture in front of the MorganÆs sign (a tradition) and we were on our way

ò We took our time with the 3-mile journey on the river because it was such a beautiful day (sunny but breezy, blue sky)

ò There were a few rocky spots where the water was kind of shallow and our boat kept scraping the bottom, threatening to strand us in the middle of the river (that happened to Lauren, Cat, and I last year and people had to come save us) but we managed to avoid all danger.

ò Unfortunately for some, the water claimed their boat and drynessùa.k.a. they fell in. This year I think about 10 or 11 people got dumped in the drink and one pair of glasses fell casualty to the Little Miami.

ò After our canoe trip ended, we set up our tents at our designated campsite, dried off, and took the traditional trip to get real camp-foodùWendyÆs, of course!

ò Post-lunch, we played kickball in the big open field (my team won! Woo!) then settled in for a night of campfire, hotdogs, Psychiatrist (a game where one or two people, the psychiatrists, have to guess what disease the rest of the group has by asking individuals yes or no questions. For example: the groupÆs ailment is that they are always the person to their left and must answer any questions they are asked as if they are the person to their left. It sounds complicated but itÆs so fun!), ghost stories, sÆmores, and good old fashioned fun with friends.

ò Also, we marveled at the beauty of the stars in the big open field. ThereÆs nothing like being able to see the stars and look for constellations when the sky is super clear.

ò The next morning we returned to campus and real life, taking with us the photos and memories of another Studio Theatre canoeing/camping trip.

ItÆs always a great bonding experience and IÆm so glad I got to go again. IÆm already excited about next year!