Chillin' in the Mitten


Hey everyone! I’m writing this blog from my roommate’s house in Michigan! Emily and I drove up to the “Mitten” Wednesday afternoon and have been spending time with the lovely Lauren and her family. Wednesday night ate a home-cooked meal at the Berndt household and spent some time catching up. It had been almost a month since we had seen each other! That’s kind of a strange feeling since we live together at school and see each other every day.

Yesterday we exchanged one of Lauren’s Christmas presents at Target and then headed to pick up Lauren’s parking permit. Then, we headed back to Lauren’s house and watched “New in Town,” which is really funny. It’s kind of a joke between us because I have a habit of speaking in a Minnesotan accent, which I started after I saw the movie the first time.

Today we’re going to get manicures and pedicures and going to dinner at a Japanese steakhouse! Those who know me know I’m not too keen on feet—mine or other people’s—so I’ll probably pass on the pedi and just get my fingernails done.

And then, tomorrow, it’s back to UD! Finally! It feels like it’s been forever, and it’s going to be really great to get back. So, for now I’m signing off from “the Mitten” and tomorrow I’ll be back in the good old O-H-I-O!