Chinese, Fairytales, and Roses

01.09.2012I’m back in Dayton! It feels good, too. I mean, of course I miss home, but it’s good to be back getting ready for my last semester as a college student. Wow, that’s weird to say. For now I’m going to ignore that fact and tell you how I spent my first two nights back in the good old 9-3-7. Yesterday afternoon I arrived in Dayton, expecting only to be greeted by my roommate Emily. I was in for a surprise though, because Kat decided to come back early too! So, in order to celebrate, the three of us got dressed up and went to dinner at PF Chang’s, which was delicious. Then, we continued our bonding night by watching ABC’s “Once Upon a Time,” something that has become a household tradition on Sundays at 8. Let me just say, Rumplestiltskin is one crazy dude. Today I worked while Kat and Emily reorganized their rooms, but Kat and I continued roommate time by watching another ABC-original and household favorite—The Bachelor. Okay, so I know it’s reality TV and everything but you have to admit it’s pretty entertaining to watch girls catfight while wearing pretty dresses. And the tears. So. Much. Crying. It’s unbelievable. Which is most of the reason we watch. It’s hilarious, and it’s been a tradition for the past two years, so really we couldn’t stop if we wanted. I miss my Greenwood friends a ton, but I’m super glad I get to spend time with a few of my Dayton friends before classes start next week! If I were the bachelorette and searching for roommates, I'd totally give mine all roses!