Classes Take 1

07.06.2011 Today was my first day of class in France! Oh man. I was a little nervous to see what level I placed into, since I thought the test was a little difficult. I was actually pleasantly surprised to find out I placed in level 6 of 8…not bad at all! We all had a little trouble finding our classes because we thought they were in one building when they were actually in a different one…right next door…but it all worked out okay. My professor is awesome; his name is Nicolas Gigant and he is super animated and speaks very clearly so I don’t have too much trouble understanding what he’s saying. The firs thing we did was another small evaluation to make sure that we were placed correctly. It was just a listening exercise and a short written exercise. Nothing too crazy. Then we got with partners and did a short interview with them to get to know them better and presented them to the class. All in French, of course. I was paired with a girl I met yesterday at lunch named Fiorella. She’s from Spain and speaks very little English. I’ve been meeting a ton of people from different countries, and I have to speak to them in French because they don’t know much English and I don’t know much of their native languages, except of course the Canadians and the Irish who speak English. Just a side note: my auto-correct told me I spelled “Canadians” wrong because I used the French spelling “Canadiens.” Oops. Anyway, we took a break from our Language class to go to a small conversation class with a moniteur (the French student-guide) and we played a few learning people’s names games and then had our lunch break. After lunch we went back to our Language class with our professor, where we read a passage and answered questions and discussed them as a class. Then, we got our pictures taken for our student IDs and our school-day was finished! It was definitely a little taxing, and I’m super tired. But I think I’m going to learn a lot during those classes.