College Kids Learn to Cook


Emily and I have officially stepped into the realm of pseudo-adulthood. We started planning and cooking actual meals. And by that, I mean we walked through the grocery store and picked out ingredients that, when prepared and assembled together, create a meal. And here’s the kicker: we’re not using frozen things that we just have to put in the oven or microwave! We’re taking a walk on the wild side this summer, stepping outside our comfort zone of Kraft mac ‘n’ cheese and Lean Cuisines and into a new world of recipes. It’s actually been quite an adventure and a nice learning experience indeed!

So far, weÂ’ve made: 1) pasta salad, fruit salad, and rotisserie chicken (okay, that one we just put in the oven to heat it up, but we made the other two)

2) lasagna, salad, and bread (we invited our friends, Pat and Jojo over for this one)

3) and tonight weÂ’re having tacos and cornbread muffins!

Okay, so maybe they arenÂ’t the most complicated or fancy meals, but for a lowly college kid, I think weÂ’re doing alright. And who knows, maybe by the time summer is over weÂ’ll have graduated to something Julia would be proud of.