Crunchy Croissants and Waves of Nostalgia

11.09.2011I’m not sure why I feel the need to share this, but my croissant at breakfast today is extremely crunchy. Okay, I do have a point, I promise. The point is, that I’m having one of those moments that people get after they study abroad. I’m getting nostalgic and totally missing France. It’s the little things, really, that take me back there. For example, the fact that my croissant is not soft and flaky as it should be. Also, it’s raining today, which it did in France for about two weeks while I was there. It was different there, though. I didn’t much care that it was raining, because, quite frankly, I was in a foreign country and rain was not going to spoil that parade. Please forgive the cliché. I guess the point of this is that study abroad was quite possibly the most amazing experience of my life, and sometimes it’s bittersweet to think about. I got a super-adorable Halloween e-card from my host mom the other day, which I think was the ultimate source of nostalgia resurfacing. It had a smiling Jack-O-Lantern and a recipe for a French pumpkin soup…I think. Anyway, I e-mailed her and she responded, and for just a moment I felt like I was back there enjoying the view from my bedroom window and waiting to be called for dinner. Maybe it’s also because I’ve been so stressed with school lately. I tend to daydream about being in Angers when I’m overwhelmed and I remember how laid-back and carefree life was during July when all I had to worry about was if I could understand my professor and where I was going to explore after class was over. I’ll go back someday, but for now, it’s back to exams and less-than-parfait pastries. Amazing what a piece of bread can do, huh?