Delightfully Despicable


So I finally saw “Despicable Me.” I am aware that it has been out for what seems like forever, but we all know that I’m not very good about seeing movies when they first come out. I mean, for starters they are so expensive! I refuse to pay $10 for a ticket. If I go before a certain time then it’s only $5, but sometimes I am just not available before 4 pm. So, I tend to just wait until they go to the cheap theater or are out for rent on DVD. In this case, my friend Steve got “Despicable Me” for Christmas and thus I had the chance to watch it.

I absolutely loved this movie. It was adorable! I especially love the minions. I actually would like to have one living at my house, because they are just so cute I canÂ’t even stand it. They make these little squeaking noises and look squishy yet cuddly. And Agnes, the youngest girl, is literally the most adorable thing IÂ’ve ever seen. She sings a song about how she loves unicorns and Renee and I sing it all the time now.

Check out AgnesÂ’ song:

This is definitely a movie that I will watch over and over again, and thus, I should probably buy it. But we all know how good I am about buying movies. HereÂ’s a hint: about as good as going to see them in theaters. So, if you want to buy me a present, I wouldnÂ’t hate to receive this DVD :)