Discovering a Planet


I used to be really upset that PlutoÂ’s planethood was revoked a few years ago. But then, a few days ago, I discovered a planet I like even better. ItÂ’s not a planet in the tradition sense of the word, but at this point IÂ’m not judging. This planet is within walking distance from my house, is inhabited by humans, and serves the most amazing delicacies. Okay, you caught me. I went to Planet Smoothie!

In all seriousness, Planet Smoothie might be my new favorite place on Brown Street. Emily and I went there on Wednesday, after we ate lunch next door at Hot Head Burritos. Please not the fact that we counterbalanced our unhealthiness at Hot Head with healthiness at Planet Smoothie.

Anyway, we walked into the smoothie place without really knowing what to expect. Immediately we were overwhelmed with options. There are so many different flavors and fruits and things you can add to up the health-factor! The employees could tell that we were obviously newbies because we stared at the menu for a solid seven minutes or so before we decided what to order. Emily ordered the cashier’s recommendation—some sort of fruity lemonade with peaches and orange sherbet added in, his own special concoction. I ordered a smoothie with a mix of berries and bananas. Needless to say, we were pleased. The people were friendly and helpful, the smoothies were delicious, and they even have a chart of nutrition facts for each smoothie.

So, despite the fact that I was pretty fond of Pluto, the discovery of Planet Smoothie just make the grieving process a little easier. And I might just pay my new friends a visit later today!