Dorothy was Right...

10.08.2009"...there really is ""no place like home.""

School breaks seem to come at exactly the right time for me. Like now, for example. I got home yesterday at about 4 p.m. and it's been simply wonderful ever since. I seem to overwhelm myself at school, unintentionally of course. I just get so excited about all of the things I'm involved with and it ends up spiraling into a fierce, overwhelmingly demanding tornado at some point or another. Generally, this point is right before a break, thank goodness.

Being home is a wonderful feeling after I've been gone for so long, just being around family and all of the comforts of home. It helps me reground myself after being so focused on my life at school.

Don't get me wrong, I absolutely love everything I do at UD. Perhaps that's the problem. I'm so passionate about everything that I want to put 110% into each activity. The problem with that, of course, is that there's only one of me and only so many hours in a day. Hence, I get to meltdown point where I just need a break. And, ba-da-bing, what do you know, here's midterm break right on schedule!

And for once, I'm actually relaxing a little during my break. Usually I spend my time at home going to visit friends at other schools or rushing around doing one thing or another. But this time I'm actually trying to chill out. So far I'm doing an okay job, I think. Here's how I spent my time so far:

-I watched ""White Oleander"" finally!

-My friend Megan came over after my movie and we chatted about life

-This morning I worked out (much needed. I always feel so much better after a work-out)

-Renee came over and we went to Target ( love Target!) and to visit my friend/her boyfriend Noah

-Ate homemade chicken noodle soup (one thing I miss about home for sure is the food!)

-Painted! (I started painting this past summer and I love it so much. It's so relaxing, and I?m a huge nerd about artsy-type things)

As you can see, there is nothing too super crazy about the past 1.5 days. But that's exactly what I was shooting for. I need a little quiet time in my life sometimes, and now is a perfect time for that. Especially since tomorrow night I'm supposed to go to Shae's soccer game (hopefully there won't be a torrential downpour like today) and then Saturday I'm heading down to Bloomington, IN for the day to visit Lindsay at IU. I can't keep up this slow, relaxing pace for long, obviously. But, for now it's working for me and that's all that really matters.