Easter Break...More Than Candy and Eggs


After a nice break, IÂ’m back at UD! I went home for Easter break on Wednesday of last week and got to spend some quality time with my whole family. I am often guilty of scoffing at a random 4.5 day break, because it just seems silly to have one when we only have 2 weeks of school left. That being said, I have to admit that I was definitely thankful for this one.

I spent Thursday and Friday mornings/early afternoons working on my Classic American Film paper, but I also took some time to just relax. Friday early-evening I headed to downtown Indianapolis to Circle Centre Mall with my friend Sam in search of new spring clothes, and I actually found some! I tend to be a terrible shopper, mostly because IÂ’m cheap. But, I did okay I think. I ended up getting a pair of sandals, a skirt (weird, if you know me), and a flowy flowery shirt. Later that night, though, I went to Target with my mom and ended up finding a pair of dark cargo shorts, 2 cotton dresses (again, weird), 2 bathing suits, and a pair ofÂ…wait for itÂ…red peep-toe heels! IÂ’m the kind of girl who rocks Converse on a regular basis, so the fact that I bought heels is kind of a big deal.

After all of that retail therapy, it was nice to just hang out with my family the rest of the weekend. My dadÂ’s side came over to my house on Saturday (about 30 people!), which was great. We ate a lot, per usual, and talked and laughed. I even got to see my great-grandpa who lives pretty far away, so I donÂ’t get to see him very often. Then Sunday I went to my momÂ’s auntÂ’s house, who I also donÂ’t see often, and I got to visit with that side of the family for a few hours. Then, I went with a few friends to get a massage, which was completely worth the $30, including tip, that I paid for an hour. Soooo relaxing!

I had to come back to school on Monday to go to class that night (that part was lame), but all in all I really appreciated this break because it let me relax a little and re-focus before finals. And you can bet that the next week-and-a-half is going to be intense. So, despite all of my previous complaining about having a random break, I really did need it.