Exams and Papers--Double Trouble


This week has been crazy. I know, I always say that. But this week has been especially crazy busy with homework and exams. I had my second Psychology exam on Tuesday morning and my second French exam Tuesday in the early evening. I didnÂ’t end up studying as much as I probably should have for either one, but I did get a B on my Psychology test. I havenÂ’t gotten the French one back yet, but I felt pretty good about it on Tuesday so hopefully I did well.

In addition to the two exams, I also had to finish reading a book for Psychology and write a paper about it. I chose to read Passing for Normal: A Memoir of Compulsion, which is a first-person account about living with obsessive-compulsive disorder and TouretteÂ’s. It was actually really interesting and extremely eye-opening, because the author detailed her struggles with the disorders which began in her childhood and continued into adulthood. I actually just finished writing the paper a few minutes ago and am turning it in today. Hooray!

But wait, thereÂ’s more. I finished writing my first choice History paper earlier this week and gave it to my professor so he could give feedback before I turn in the final draft on Monday. For some reason IÂ’ve been struggling a little to figure out how exactly to write these papers, because they are about films but we have to talk about them in historical context. I didnÂ’t do as well as IÂ’d hoped to do on the first required paper, so IÂ’m hoping that this time IÂ’ve got a better grasp on what he expects.

It has definitely been a rough week academically, but after I turn in my Psychology paper I will have survived it and can move on with my life. The wave is passing and IÂ’m entering once again into the calm before the storm that is the peak of academic requirements. It seems as though all of these things happen at onceÂ…but for now, breathing.