Fall Break in the Summer

10.14.2011Did anyone else feel like Fall Break took place in the middle of July? With 83-degree and sunny weather it was hard to thing of last weekend as a midterm break. I mean, generally that time means hot apple cider and scarves, not tank tops and ice cream. However, I spent my break doing some pretty fun things. Thursday night I went to Indiana University to visit my best friend Lindsay. We had a bunch of people over to her apartment to eat chili and cornbread, which was awesome because I got to meet a lot of her IU friends as well as to see some of my old high school amigos and amigas. Unfortunately, I had to leave early Friday afternoon because Lindsay had to sing at a wedding, but it was great to see her for a bit. Friday and Saturday were spent doing homework (seriously, profs?) and spending some chill-time with Megan and my mom. Saturday my mom and I ran errands from 9:15 am to 4:00 pm. We went to at least nine different stores looking for fall boots, but alas, no one seems to sell what I’m looking for. If you see red-brown, leather, slouchy, flat boots that hit about mid-calf, let me know…please. This is a dire situation. I also got to see both sets of grandparents, which was fun. Sunday I went to Shae’s soccer game with Renee and Aleutia (Renee’s husky puppy! The most adorable thing ever.) They played Northern Kentucky University and sadly lost 2-0. However, I shall return this coming Sunday to watch the U of I greyhounds play their Senior Appreciation game and hopefully they’ll come out with a win. Despite being too short and kind of busy, Fall Break was nice. I just wish we’d had the weather we’re having today: sunny, but breezy, probably mid-60s. Mother Nature, if we can keep this up for a while I will be quite pleased.