Fiesta in the Gardens

08.28.2009I just couldnÆt wait to write another blog. So, hereÆs another one! Wednesday night was so much fun that I just had to share.

Remember those friends I was talking about before? Well, some of us got together Wednesday night and cooked dinner in my friend JessieÆs apartment (she lives on the floor above me). The sweet and spicy smells of fajitas tantalized my taste-buds from the hallway as I opened the door and was greeted by about fifteen or sixteen people. The plates were piled high with rice, chicken, beef, and veggie-filled tortillas and laughter resounded off the walls. Welcome to a typical night at UDùfood, friends, and fun!

Let me just take the time to say that while the apartment comfortably fits four people (the number it houses), once you pack in more than ten it starts to get a little cramped. But, that was no problem for us, most of us having lived in Founders or Stuart, the smallest of the freshman residence halls, last year. We just sat on the floor and couches and chairs and anywhere we could find and enjoyed the food, talking, laughing, and taking pictures.

Then something incredibly unexpected happened. Something I never thought I would see in my lifetime. Three of the boys got up, without being asked, and started washing the dishes! Not that all boys have a tendency to avoid cleanliness, not at all. But these particular boysà well, letÆs just say their r?sum? doesnÆt include the Mr. Clean award, so it was a nice surprise.

One by one, and few by few, people left to attend various meetings and to start their homework with promises that weÆll for sure be making these gatherings a monthly occurrence. Next monthÆs theme? Hawaiian luau. DonÆt worryùIÆll be sure to make a run to Wal-Mart (on the free Saturday shuttle, perhaps?) to stock up on pineapple and leis.