Have You Seen This...Umbrella?

10.15.2009It's been raining off and on for the past four days. Thus is the beauty of the Midwest, of which I was fully aware when I decided to come to Dayton. The weather here is much the same as at home in Indy. This morning, especially, was a particularly wet one and thus the perfect opportunity for me to use the sweet rain boots (they're black and white plaid, in case you were wondering) and my cute purple umbrella. So, I got up, much like every other morning, put on my rain boots, scarf, and jacket. As I was about to leave I realized I was missing something. I searched high and low, all over my room, for my umbrella, and then it hit me--I had left it in the Hangar (the hang-out spot in KU) yesterday afternoon. Unfortunately, there was no time to go retrieve it because I had an 8 a.m. Chemistry lab to get to. So, I resolved I would go there after class, which I normally do anyway.

And that is precisely what I did. The whole time I was sitting in lab reacting acids with metals I was thinking about my poor umbrella, all alone on the floor of the Hangar, if it was even still there. I wasn't entirely sure that it would be. I mean, it is a pretty cute umbrella. Anyway, I hustled over to the Hangar after lab and asked the nice lady working at the desk if someone happened to turn in a purple umbrella the day before. And, guess what. Someone had! She retrieved my umbrella from the lost and found and returned it to my hands in all its water-repellent glory. My friend Katie laughed at me as a hugged it in victory, but it truly was an occasion for celebration. After all, it rained today and probably will many more times in the coming months.

My umbrella anxiety was cured, thank goodness, because I had a Psychology test to prepare for. All I can say is thank goodness Dayton is such a friendly place. I mean, not everyone at every school would have turned in such a lovely umbrella. So, thank you, anonymous umbrella-finder and turn-in-er. You made my day a little brighter...and a lot less wet.