Heaven on Sourdough


For some reason, whenever I hang out with my friend Colleen, we always make the most delicious food. Usually, it’s some kind of pasta. But earlier this week we decided to go out on a limb and try our hand at making Paninis. So we hopped in my car and headed to the closest thing we have to a produce market—Super Target! And we must have both been on the same brain wave or something, because we both wanted mozzarella, spinach, and tomatoes! Of course, when it came to deciding whether or not to get the small or large mozzarella cheese we also agreed that when it comes to fresh mozzarella, more is always better. I knew we were friends for a reason! Add fresh bread and pesto to our basket and you’ve got the ingredients for our lunch.

We got back to Colleen’s house and assembled our sandwiches in the Panini grill pan (yes those exist! Who knew?!) and waited for our masterpieces to cook. And I just have to say that they were delicious. I may have just developed an addiction to these Paninis. We both ate two of them and I’m not even ashamed to admit it. The fresh spinach leaves and tomatoes mixed with the melted fresh mozzarella and a hint of pesto all on grilled sourdough bread was absolutely splendid. I may never go back to lunchmeat again!