Holiday Drivers


I’ve decided that I love holidays, but I hate what they do to people. Allow me, for a moment, to be a slight Scrooge. I promise, I’ll lighten up at the end. Here goes: What is it about the holidays that make people worse drivers than they normally are? I mean, generally I think the majority of the population should have probably failed their driving test anyway, but for some reason people are terrible drivers at the time of year. I have almost witnessed a few accidents in the past few days, simply because people are in a huge hurry to spend their money and just don’t follow the rules. I mean, is it too much to ask for you to use your turn signal? Or to make a complete stop at the light? Or to stop at all? I’m just minding my own business trying to get my shopping done, just like you. So, please do not get all high and mighty and entitled on me. Whew.

Okay. I’m breathing, no worries. I just think it’s really sad how worked up and hysterical people get when they’re trying to buy gifts. I mean, it seems like everyone just forgets about the real point of it all. It’s not about getting the newest or the best anything—at least it didn’t used to be. Christmas used to be about spending time with family and making each other happy. I feel like a lot of people forget all of that and just see dollar signs. And that is just really sad to me. Lucky for me I’ve got a family that appreciates the time we have together and doesn’t get caught up in the gift hoopla. We give gifts, but that’s not really what it’s about.

So, for the next few days I will be avoiding leaving my house for fear I will encounter holiday drivers. Instead, I will be hanging out with my family and enjoying food and company. I think this sounds like the better end of the deal. What do you think?