Hoops + Crafts = Perspective


Today was a crazy day for me, per usual. I woke up early to get some work done before class, went to class at 2, ran over to get my picture taken for a new project happening in the Admissions Dept.—digression: They’re creating a giant wall mural of photographs of UD students to hang in the Admissions building. I hope mine turned out okay since it’s going to be there for a long time!—Okay, back to what I was saying. So after I got my picture taken, I headed home for a few minutes. I was scheduled to go to the Dayton Boys & Girls Club with Charity Concert Committee at 4:40 so I took a few minutes at home to breathe.

IÂ’m going to be honest, at this point in the day I did not feel like going to play with kids. I was exhausted from a long week of classes and rehearsals and I really just wanted to take a nap. However, I had made a commitment, and I was going to honor it. Plus, I had volunteered to drive, so if I flaked out, four other people would have missed out. So, I sucked it up and went.

And, you know what? Going to the Boys & Girls Club was exactly what I needed. As soon as I saw how excited those kids were to have us there, my exhaustion faded and I was completely in the moment. Maybe it sounds cliché, but that’s exactly what I needed to gain some clarity and perspective. I have a tendency to spend too much time worrying about everything that’s going on around me and worrying about what I need to do three days in the future. But, being with those kids and just shooting hoops with them and making crafts reminded me that sometimes it’s good to take a step back and look at the big picture. A few hours of my time spent with them gave me more rest than a nap of any length could have.

I went to the Boys & Girls Club thinking, “I’m going to go make a difference in these kids’ lives, even if it’s only for a few hours.” But I left thinking, “Wow, those kids are awesome and I hope I get to hang out with them again.” One girl in particular attached herself to me and was my little buddy. Her name is Ade-Jenee and she’s nine. We shot hoops for a while and then went upstairs to the game room to decorate CDs. Immediately, she asked me how to spell my name and started finding foam stickers to spell it on the CD. I made her one too and I’ll admit I was a little sad when we had to go our separate ways.

I guess this long post is just to say that I learned something today. I learned that itÂ’s important to look at the big picture and to really appreciate everything. Being at the Boys & Girls Club reminded me what itÂ’s like to be in the moment and to genuinely have fun. So, thank you, Ade-Jenee and the rest of the Club. You made my day.