Hooray for Ice Day!


Last year we all rejoiced when we had a snow day. This year, something even more epic and unheard of has happened. Today, the University of Dayton canceled school on account of ice! It sounds strange, but I think the ice is actually more treacherous than the snow. Generally falling in snow doesn’t really cause too much damage as it is a fluffy substance. Ice, however, is quite less forgiving. If you watch my video blog from this morning you'll understand my firsthand experience of this fact. I’d normally like to think that my very powerful blog plea had something to do with convincing the administration that a cancellation would be in our best interests, but seeing as how I didn’t upload it until this morning after we had already been awarded the day off, I can’t really take too much credit. I can say “Thanks UD!” though, and write this blog about what I’m doing instead of going to classes.

After forcing myself out of bed at 10 am I proceeded to make coffee for Emily and me. I kind of lost count of how many cups I actually drank but I think it’s somewhere around 3. I also read my French homework and worked on editing Musical Revue. I figured that today would be the perfect opportunity to learn how to use Final Cut and I’ve actually gotten quite a bit done. I’m taking a break now to watch “Gold Diggers of 1933” for my American History as Film class and then I’ll get back to the real work.

I have to say that this ice day could not have come at a better time. I was starting to feel the stress of the semester and having today off from classes and meetings made me a lot calmer and more productive. So now I’m off to enjoy this day, “iced in” with my roommates with coffee, movies, and warm blankets for comfort.

If youÂ’re affected by the weather, stay safe and warm! Also, IÂ’d love to hear what you all are doing today so leave me some comments!