I Feel Like a Freshman


Not that being a freshman is a bad thing, because itÂ’s not at all. But, IÂ’m mostly referring to the fact that I am now a resident of a freshman dorm, Stuart Complex, to be exact. Since IÂ’m doing the ChildrenÂ’s Theatre show the Theatre department provides us with housing for the duration of the show, and we are all living in campus summer housingÂ…akaÂ…dorms. And it really isnÂ’t that bad; itÂ’s just that IÂ’m so used to living in a house that I forgot about things like having to wear shoes to the shower and having to walk down the hall to get water to make coffee. ItÂ’s weird. But not bad, necessarily. ItÂ’s actually kind of cool because all of the theatre kids are living right next to each other. Well, the girls are all on the same floor and they guys are on a separate floor from us, but weÂ’re all in the same building and just an elevator ride away. WeÂ’ve spent a lot of time hanging out too, since weÂ’re basically the only people on campus that we know, besides a few other guys who are staying on campus and working at various places.

The worst part was the actual process of moving out. I tend to forget how much stuff I actually have until I have to transport it from place to place. It took my roommates and I an entire day (Saturday) to move out/clean, and by the end we were all exhausted. It was so sad, too, leaving the place we had made our own and had created so many great memories in. But, living in the dorm this summer will definitely make me appreciate our next house that much more. IÂ’m loving being on campus for the summer, despite having to resort back to dorm-life for a few weeks. More adventures from the ChildrenÂ’s Show crew pending, so stay tuned and enjoy your summer!